TECHNOSAIC - Adaptation of a private residence in California, 2006  


We build tomorrow's houses with yesterday's tools. A director of the known company for designing electronic chips asked NAO to re-fresh the design of his new residence filed by a local architect in the Silicon Valley. The original design was traditional, balloon frame, a cookie cutter, a money-maker...An inspiring story was attached to this request. Our client's company is currently designing the most advanced chip today to be used for major hardware platforms. However chip designers are two generations old chip technology to design the chip of the  future, the secretary's computer is even three generations down. This presents a beautiful analogy, perhaps a lesson to the culture of architecture. We deliver higher versions of architectural design using lower versions of technology. This proposal for the house thus employs mosaic as a traditional form to modernize the traditional design. Two steps back, one [large] step forward.
NAO / project credits