PARTICIPANT INC. - Contemporary Art Gallery Lower East Side, New York 


The result is a constant alternating feeling of being in and out, captured by design or kept safe from it. The existing industrial stairs have been repositioned and given a steel railing. The railing, done in four pieces to fit exactly the imperfections of the existing stairs stands on four points leaving the entry and back side floating. Furthermore, as the only continuous element in the space, the railing connects three levels, the gallery above, the office, project area and workshop below and the entry in the middle. The full height of the interior space is preserved in the center of the stair allowing both visitors and light to enter in allowable amounts. The gallery level is a square sectioned ‘cut-out,’ a deep void visible from the street which changes from one art project to another without loosing its geometric character. The lower level used by Participant staff and guests is a low sectioned space with desks, lounge and a workshop area. A rectangular white floor area marks the project space in the middle of the office...more>>
© NAO / project credits / above: installation by Goran Tomcic