HOUSING FOR ELDERLY SOCIALISTS in a post-socialist town 


This generation was young when it was an imperative to remain young for no matter what. They were the 1968th 'revolutionary' generation. Today, in 2003 and beyond, this generation is in the line to qualify more and more as a candidate for an elderly generation, but the one that still keeps its ideal of the forever young. This is an alternative proposal for an elderly housing complex that looks for ways to relocate and continue post-professional life in the place other from the place of professional life. Therefore the building for the elderly today and tomorrow and the location for such building should follow this drive, full of experiment, investigation, creative hallucination, in two idioms: it should not look old and it should find new place. Its function, looks and flexible usage should be taken as an imperative to preserve a seed of youth deeply rooted in its prospective inhabitants in the recent futures to come....more>>

NAO / project credits