Urban presence
Pannonian Boat - public square and a fish market Novi Sad


The Panonnian Boat, refers to a large object stranded in a dried out sea once where the city now stands. Novi Sad, is only two and a half centuries old. Like an oversized primadona, it is at once traditional and coherent in its entirety and is inconsequential and intriguing in its details. It is in the connection of these two imperfections of size and detail that the city has its public life. Every detail of everybody's everyday in return has the potential of becoming an event of urban proportions, such as the life in the markets and squares. This proposal gives visible shape for the new square and the market, traditional everyday places of million extraordinary and intimate exchanges. Both new square and the fish-market are treated as places where everyday citizens can mix with increasing numbers of tourists coming from the cruising boats on Danube. >>

NAO / project credits